Welcome. This is the web area of Nat, a place in the cloud where the magical electronic information and pictures tell you about the most delightful portrait-artist-comedian in Melbourne.

You may have come here directly, or through a social network, or maybe you landed here after surfing the net on a powerful wave that whipped you off your board, under the surface and into a secret underground lair. However you found this page, I thank you for your interest.

For those who do not know who I am or what I am about, I will tell you in third person because that is how most biography’s are written, to make it seem like I’m not bragging or seeming full of myself by telling you about my achievements (however small):

She is, well, Nat. exhaustively enthusiastic, perfectly pragmatic, deliciously delightful, fanatically funny, boisterously bubbly, xylophone-y xerotic…. to sum her up is so simple it can’t be done, or so complicated, or maybe somewhere in between. To say the least, she can be quite confusing; she is confused most of the time, she doesn’t even know what half the words above mean, but just likes the sound of them.

In her daily life day she works as a PA/housekeeper/babysitter, paints portraits and draws cartoons; by night she works in a call centre, performs stand up comedy and cries herself to sleep watching movies like “My Girl”… she also thinks all bees must die.

You can also check out my facebook page and the Nat Who? comic strips.


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